Teen Appreciates his Homeschooled Life

Tucker Brouchard appreciates his family and life as a teen in Massachusetts.

Just a high-scoring family guy By Tim Healey
Boston Globe

Tucker Bouchard is a highly respected leader on the varsity boys’ basketball team at Silver Lake Regional High. The senior guard has led the Patriot League in scoring the last two seasons, and he would like to take his game to the college level.

Bouchard, however, has not taken one class at Silver Lake the last four years. He will not say goodbye to any of his favorite teachers in June. And he will not walk with his senior teammates at graduation ceremonies or collect a diploma.

The lifelong Kingston resident is not a student at the high school.

“My mom taught me my whole life,” said Tucker, the fifth of six Bouchard children to be home schooled. “My parents, it was a big choice for them. They didn’t really like public school [and] my mom wants to spend more time with us. . . . She loves to be with us. She didn’t have to work at the time, so she liked being home with us.”

It's a great story about the family, their history with the Silver Lake school and their community.

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