Tess the Reading Dog

Sweet story about a good listener.  Our pastor gave a children’s sermon the other day about how forgiving dogs are and that we all should take the dog as an example. (I think he was really talking to the adults.)  Kids usually have it all figured out like Sean Quinn.

"This dog is so perfect, so docile," said Quinn, who homeschools her sons. "It helps them see that reading is something that should be enjoyed, not something you just have to learn." Sean Quinn sees a different reason for reading to Tess.

"Because I love animals," he said simply

Our dog loves to go on a night walks with us.  He dances around and wags his tail all the way down the road.  (If he’s not sniffing some unidentifiable object or walking right in front of us so he can stop and let us have the privilege of tripping over him.  Can’t decide if the dog imitates the boys or the boys imitate the dog, but it’s usually a very start and stop walk.) 

 Just ran into a commentary about dogs by Rhonda Robinson looking for some mental health screening stuff. Perfect timing.

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