This Will be Fun – Being a Stylish Blogger

I'm ready for fun and tired of reading depressing sorts of legal shmegle stuff.  Illinois has Wisconsin legislators here and Indiana legislators there and some of our Illinois legislators are WAY too busy in our Capitol of Springfield.  

So, I'm looking up and offering an appreciative thank you to Linda Dobson at Parent at the Helm, who  honored me with the Stylish Blogger Award.

I will divulge seven deep, dark secrets about me and then ask the fifteen other bloggers to pay the Stylish Blogger Award forward to their own chosen fifteen blogs. Those are the 'rules' for designees.  (Linda has a few on her list of fifteen that I could have easily picked, as well.  It's great fun to see the new ones.)

1. I was a Teamsters union steward.
2. I'm obsessed about my chickens.  (My family would say that's not a secret)  Here's a little picture…

3. When I was a little girl, my siblings and dad were walking beans and I waited until we reached the very far end of the bean row before I missed the weed and hit my ankle instead.  Since my dad keeps his weed hooks very sharp, he had to wrap his bandana around my ankle and carry me a mile back to the truck.  I like that about my dad.  I still have that mark.
4. I took an artificial insemination class in college and had to use loooong gloves for most of my class period.  I didn't like that part of that fascinating class and felt sorry for the cows.
5. I can identify different poo smells of animals.  I know if I'm smelling horse, cow, pig, chicken and most definitely dog doodoo.  Remember that, Oscar, even though your sad look would give you away.

Oscar by the creek

6. I have an animal science degree, but was a vegetarian through a good part of my schooling. 
7.The father of our 6 children worked for almost 30 years at a nuclear power plant and our kids all have a special glow.

There you have it.  More than you would ever want to know.
Here's my fifteen blogs that I'm passing this award to: 

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  1. Thanks for the honor, Linda.  Oscar does have giveaway eyes and they can make you cry.  He's on a diet right now and it's been rough going for the big guy.  Good thing the chickens are his pals.