What is suspicion when it comes to checking on homeschoolers

"The real question is determining the authority to inquire what is reasonable cause of truancy and what is suspicion when it comes to checking on homeschoolers," Maloney said.

That was a quote from the Illinois Review's interview with Senator Maloney.  Fran Eaton talked to him this afternoon regarding his meeting with various entities yesterday to discuss 'homeschool truancy'. Senator Maloney still wants to know the names and addresses of our children.  He said the meetings will continue.

What does the Illinois Constitution say about education?

SECTION 1.  GOAL – FREE SCHOOLS A fundamental goal of the People of the State is the educational development of all persons to the limits of their capacities. The State shall provide for an efficient system of high quality public educational institutions and services. Education in public schools through the secondary level shall be free. There may be such other free education as the General Assembly provides by law. The State has the primary responsibility for financing the system of public education.
(Source: Illinois Constitution.)

An efficient system of high quality public educational institutions and services should be Senator Maloney and his allies' top priority.  That's under their authority through tax funded accountability.  Homeschoolers don't spend tax payers' money and we don't need checking on by a busy and overwhelmed public school system.  None of this makes sense, except the state funding that might be sought on homeschoolers' backs.

Please check out our newly formed one issue political action committee:  Illinois Homeschool PAC.  We will have a website out next week and we're collecting legislators' views on registering homeschoolers now.  (Let us know if you've heard from your Senator or Representative!)  We need our eyes and ears wide open.

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